Application of Patterning on Tower Schemes ?
Application of Patterning on Tower Schemes ?
Application of Patterning on Tower Schemes ?

The interesting about this data-driven approach to configure the surface is that with Revit family the user can specify a generic parameter (e.g. width, thickness, height, rotation, etc.) and the Image acts as an input data that manipulates the components parameters. Think of the image as an analytical data such as:

-          Ecotect solar exposure.

-          Structural analysis constraints.

-          Visibility chart of a horizontal or vertical surface.

-          Etc.


These images show a tower skin whereby we altered the individual thickness of each precast panel based on using an assumed structural analysis pressure image. Notice how the precast panels are thicker at the bottom of the tower and thinner at the top of the tower.


Credits for working on this scheme goes to my friends Vincent Poon and Mike Hodge from Perkins + Will.


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Application of Patterning on Tower Schemes ?

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