Upgraded AddOn to Revit 2015
This is update version 2.2 which works with Revit Architecture 2015

Install Steps

-          Download ZIP file from here which contains one folder named [Revit-Tools].

-          Place the entire folder named [Revit-Tools] from inside the ZIP file on the [C] drive.

-          Make sure to copy/paste the Add-On instruction file called [iConVizTools.addin] from the [Revit-Tools] folder to the Revit2015 Add-ons folder. For example folder [C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2015]

-          The Add-On button should show up on your Revit2015 Ribbon interface inside the [Add-Ons] Revit tab.

-          Click on the [Activate Add-On] button to activate this FREE unlimited version of the tool.

You can refer to the [iConViz-V2.1-PatternAddon-UserInterface.pdf] for quick help/documentation.

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