Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the design/construction process gained an increasing interest in the AEC industries. BIM is not just 3D modeling, it is the information associated with 2D/3D objects which makes BIM environment so different from the traditional CAD. It is very important to understand how to create ‘informative’ building models. Objects (or elements) in BIM environment such as Revit Architecture solution contains a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the building. The primary aspects for enabling such technology are:

- Enhanced visualization capabilities for the building understanding the whole picture.

- Efficient communication of the design/construction intent among parties.

- Serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about the building.

- Speed up the production of design/construction drawings.

- Help in analyzing the building performance from different aspects such as energy analysis, 4D construction sequencing, user evacuation simulation, building code check and conformance, etc.

I have been involved in the past years in managing the information flow in architectural projects to create ‘Healthy BIM’ models. Part of my role as BIM Specialist is to oversee these core components when managing BIM information:

- Ensure the use of firm-wide BIM standard in architectural projects.

- Establish a BIM-based project kick-off to help analyzing the requirements of the BIM for the entire project, train project team on BIM process. This is followed by sessions with project team members to fine-tune the process.

- Focus on ‘Level of Detail’ required for information availability and creation thru key design/construction stages (SD, DD, CD, CA) to manage the BIM process.

- Work with the architectural team directly in design/construction drawings production.

- Work closely with contractors and other engineers to coordinate the integration of different BIM models (i.e. structure, HVAC, civil, etc.). These collated BIM models helps in 4D project coordination and clash detection using NavisWorks.

BIM project example

BIM project example