Journal Papers

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Conference Paper

  • October 2022: Elwazani, Salim, Mallasi, Zaki, and Alani, Mostafa. Design Narratives in Studio Settings. Proceedings of the Design Communication Conference 2022, Auburn University, Auburn, USA.     
  • November 2016: Mallasi, Zaki. Integrating Physical and Digital Prototypes Using Parametric BIM in the Pursuit of Kinetic Façade. Proceedings of the 8th ASCAAD-2016 International Conferences: Parametricism V. Materialism, SOAS, London, UK, 155-168, UK.     
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  • January 2000: Mallasi, Z. Planning and Managing Construction Tasks Using VR Visualisations. Proceedings of the Greenwich 2000 Symposium. Greenwich, London, UK.

Public Speaking and Presentation

  • November (23-26) 2022: ‘Dynamo Packing Made Easier: Transforming a Fun Layout Planning Exercise into a Practical Multi‐Family Residential Project Application’, The DBEI BiLTANZ 2022, Gold Coast, Australia.
  • November 2020: (محاضرة التكامل فى تحليل أداء المباني/ المنهجية لتحسين كفاءة تصميم الواجهات بإستخدام برمجيات ال), الجمعية السعودية لعلوم العمران, جدة، المملكة العربية السعودية  
  • July 2018: ‘Integrated Building Performance: Workflow, Tools & Techniques Used by Architects & Engineers to Improve Energy Efficiency through Computation’, The 2nd Advancing Computational Building Design, New York, USA.
  • April 2016: ‘Rethinking the Discourse of Architectural Education Teaching Using BIM Technology’, The 13th Learning and Technology (L&T) Conference, Effat University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • December 2015: ‘Prototyping Future Smart City Forms: Combining Sensory Technology and BIM Simulation to Visualize Environmental Impact’, INCONET-GCC2, International Conference Collaboration for Innovation, Muscat, Oman.
  • December 2015: ‘BIM for Owners: Applications, Benefits and what to Expect as an Owner’, in Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, Saudi Arabia.
  • October 2012: ‘Performance-Driven Façade Configuration: Parametric Thinking for Integrated Building Practice’, AIA Middle East, Architecture and design Days, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • August 2008: ‘BIM For Owners’, in the Atlanta Association of Owners presentation and discussion panel, Atlanta, USA.
  • June 2005: ‘Virtual Reality and nD Construction Simulation Seminar’, in the Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM), Middlesbrough, UK.
  • November 2004: ‘The 4D Visual Planner’ Presentation, at British Petroleum in collaboration with WS ATKINS contractors, London, UK.
  • April 2003: Workshop on 4D Visualization Development, at Balfour Beatty Contractors, London, UK.
  • March 2008: BIM Lecture at GA Tech University, Atlanta, USA.   
  • October 2002: Space-time Conflicts Resolution of Site Operations Using PECASO System. The Reality is Virtual Seminar, Durham, UK.4

Technical Reports and White Paper

  • Mallasi, Z., (2012). Performance-Driven Façade Configuration: Parametric Thinking for Integrated Building Practice.AIA Middle East Workshop: Architecture & Design Days – Jeddah, Park Hyatt Hotel, October 9-11, 2012, Retrieved on 09/2012 from    
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